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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Working on new ideas

Hi I haven't been here for a while but I haven't been idle LOL. I was wandering around my local market the other day and came across a new stall selling beads for jewellery making and that got my creative juices flowing. Firstly I thought about combining beads with my knitting and these are two things I have come up with so far.

Obviously I would have to consider carefully knitting anything with beads for children because of the safety aspect. I know how easy it is for them to put things in their mouths.
I've also tried my hand at making some bracelets and these are my efforts so far. Firstly I used a piece of nylon type thread to thread the beads on and attached that to the fastening. This was quick and easy to make and CHEAP. It is a little big but i can remove some of the beads.

This one I used gold thread to sew the beads together using a half weave stitch (there are loads of tutorials on the web showing this technique. I didn't have a fastener but i am sure you get the idea.
Finally I made a sample of a necklace using craft wire, beads and a crochet hook! I know combining crochet and beads who would have thought. Anyway I am please with the way the sample turned out I just need to get the appropriate beads and more wire to make a full length necklace.
You've got to admit...I've been busy and hope to work on more soon. If you are in Bradford visit the Bradford Bead Shop, Unit 65-68, Kirkgate Market or visit
Bradford Bead Shop
Until next time.


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Linda said...

You are very talented. I have done bead work and knitting seems to be a bit complicated for me. I have seen others do it and it looks so easy, but my hands don't seem to remember anything! LOL Really beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

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