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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Where is this year going?

I can't believe we're in July already, the time is just flying.

Now isn't really the time for knitwear so I'm continuing to try my hand at making jewellery and I am loving the challenge.
The earrings I made with jewellery wire and a crochet hook while I was sitting around watching TV one night. Kinda different. Would you wear them?

Next something a bit more challenging but quite easy to follow once I got into it. It's from a pattern by Robyn and you will find it HERE It's called Picot Delight necklace. I haven't finished it yet it needs a fastener and because I didn't know how much thread to use I had to join it in the middle to get the length I wanted so I need practice on finding a way of joining the threads without making a great big knot. If anyone can point me in the way of a tutorial for this let me know. I am going to invite Robyn to take a look and hopefully leave a comment.

Off to practice somemore. Maybe next time I will be brave enough to put some up for sale. Until next time.

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