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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The sun finally shone today

It's a miracle we actually had some sun today so I set about cutting the grass. We have had nothing but rain for what seems like forever.

I've also been busy again with making some more pieces of jewellery and even better still I have my first order. A colleague of mine is going to a wedding in October and would like me to make something for her. I was really surprised when she asked because I'm a long way from being an expert so I hope I can do her outfit some justice!

Here are my latest efforts.
I knotted the leather thong to hold the beads in place and the white and gold beads I recycled from an old trinket I had. I think it worked out well.
Not sure how well you can see this because it was hard to photograph but I used two pieces of wire and placed the beads on each wire using crimp beads to hold them into place. It's quite delicate and I think I might make a matching bracelet for this one. Here is a close up.
Hopefully I will be brave enough to put some on my baby knitwear site so that mums to be can treat themselves to a little gift as well as buying for baby. Watch this space.

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